April 28-30th 2017 - Arlington Heights, IL

Northwest Community Hospital Wellness Center

900 W. Central Rd.

Arlington Heights, IL 60005

Friday 4/28

Wet Barre: Masterclass  (7:00 pm)

Come experience a Wet Barre class. Open to the public - not just workshop attendees, bring your friends!


Saturday 4/29 

Wet Barre: Power   (10:30am - 12:30pm)

Is an interval class, alternating plyometrics with high repetition strength work. Some moves will be brand new while others are a new twist on familiar exercises! Come ready to work as this class will leave you breathless and your muscles fatigued!  

Intermediate - Shallow: Cardio/Strength  • CEC’s: AEA-2.0, AFAA 2.0

Wet Barre: Booty   (1:30pm - 3:30pm)

Focuses on… you guessed it, the muscles of the Glutes, as well as the low back, thighs and core stabilizers. Help your students develop a stronger posterior chain with exercises that are floating, standing, sitting and more! 

Intermediate - Shallow: Strength  • CEC’s: AEA-2.0, AFAA 2.0 


Sunday 4/30

Wet Barre: Control   (10:30am - 12:30pm)

This technique workshop comes right from the pages of Classical Mat Pilates and is effectively adapted to the resistance and buoyancy of water using a noodle! Slow it down to amp up posture, muscle balance and deep core activation! 

Intermediate -  Shallow: Strength  • CEC’s: AEA-2.0, AFAA 2.0 

Wet Barre: Hot Toddy   (1:30pm - 3:30pm)

This is a warm water workshop using a perimeter railing or “barre”. It focuses on strength, balance, and stretch with plenty of lower body work and core stabilization. Many of these exercises are suitable for use in cooler pools and adaptable for use without a barre. 

All Levels  - Shallow: Strength  • CEC’s: AEA-2.0, AFAA 2.0  

*Please, arrive at 10:00am to park, get signed in, and be in the pool by 10:30 AM!

*We recommend bringing two swimsuits and two towels if attending both sessions in one day.


Masterclass:    $20/ $15 -NCH staff or AEA members (everyone pays at the door)

1 Workshop:    $50/ $40 -NCH staff or AEA members who register by 4/7 (-early bird extended)

2 Workshops:  $90/ $75 -NCH staff or AEA members who register by 4/7 (-early bird extended)

3 Workshops:  $130/ $105 -NCH staff or AEA members who register by 4/7 (-early bird extended)

4 Workshops:  $170/ $140 -NCH staff or AEA members who register by 4/7 (-early bird extended)

Register Here.


MAY 15-21, 2017

IAFC - International Aquatic Fitness Conference
Innisbrook Resort
Palm Harbor, FL


Wet Barre: Plank-A-Poolooza                                                                          

Planks like you haven't imagined. And since there’s not enough time to review every possible plank variation out there; we'll focus on the unusual and particularly challenging ones! These are not your basic planks and are best for intermediate to advanced students who possess strength, control and body awareness.                                                 (Shallow: Strength - 1hr pool/1hr lecture; 1 Noodle)


Wet Barre: With a Twist                                                                                                                                                       Uses the concepts of rotation, twisting, opposing movement or pivoting to create whole body training. It includes cardio and leg work as well as lots of core training utilizing a noodle or nothing but your body, force, directional change and the resistance of the water.                                                                                                                                             Intermediate. (Shallow: Strength - 1hr pool/1hr lecture; 1 Noodle)

For IAFC, register at aeawave.com

September 16-17, 2017

The Salvation Army Kroc Center
Coeur D'Alene, ID
(stay tuned for more details)