Wet Barre 
The ORIGINAL aqua barre workout since 2012
•Fresh  •Challenging  •Adaptable  •Diverse

Wet Barre™  is a blend of ballet, Pilates, land barre, yoga, acrobatics, and suspension training

all skillfully adapted to water! It emphasizes technique, alignment and proper muscle activation

and functions as a stand alone format or individual Wet Barre™ exercises can be integrated into other aquatic programming.

                                     Wet Barre: Acro-Yoga
                                   Wet Barre: Booty
                                     Wet Barre: Cirque
                                   •Wet Barre: Control
                                     •Wet Barre: PRX
                                   •Wet Barre: Power
                                                                                       and more....

Katina Brock, is the creator of Wet Barre™, the cutting edge aquatic fitness workout that's paving new ground! Known for her 'outside the box' creativity in developing unique exercises, as well as core-based programming in water and on land, Katina blends fun and effective with technique and innovation.

AFAA  Approved CE Provider