March 24, 2018

University of Wisconsin - The American Center 

4602 Eastpark Blvd, Madison, WI 53718

Wet Barre: Power   Saturday, 3/24, 8:15am-11:00am    

Alternates high intensity cardio, including plyometrics, with high repetition strength work. Experience Wet Barre™ original moves as well as familiar exercises with fresh barre flavor! This class will leave your heart pumping and your muscles fatigued!

•Intermediate  •Shallow  •Cardio/Strength •AEA-2.0; AFAA 2.0 CEC’s

Wet Barre: With a Twist  Saturday, 3/24, 11:15am- 2:00pm  (Lunch b/w pool & Lecture)

Incorporate the concepts of rotation, twisting, opposing movement or pivoting to create whole body training. This workshop focuses on the core but also incorporates, cardio and legs using lots of directional change, the resistance of the water, and sometimes a noodle.                                                                         

•Intermediate  •Shallow  •Strength •AEA-2.0; AFAA 2.0 CEC’s

Wet Barre: Control   Saturday, 3/24, 2:00pm- 4:00pm  DECK SPACE ONLY LEFT!

This technique workshop comes straight from the pages of Mat Pilates and has been adapted to effectively utilize the resistance and buoyancy of the water. Every move will challenge your core with a few lower body moves as well. Slowing it down for greater muscle activation!                                                                         

•Intermediate •Shallow •Strength •Technique;  CEC’s: AEA 2.0; AFAA 2.0

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