Wet Barre  is inspired by ballet, Pilates, yoga, body suspension training and more, all skillfully adapted to the water! It preserves the feeling of a barre class while delivering effective aquatic training; not merely land moves done in water. This is a creative and challenging format that emphasizes technique, quality of movement, alignment and proper muscle activation. Comprised of dozens of original exercises, it is driven by movement more than choreography. Wet Barre™ functions not only as a stand alone workout format but can easily be integrated into other aquatic formats because of the diversity and quality of the exercises.

**Please Note - There are Technique workshops and Class workshops!

Technique Workshops introduce and breakdown exercises within the Wet Barre™ repertoire. This is a workshop, not a workout. The focus is learning a specific genre of exercises such as: Mat Pilates, Planks, Rotational Movement, etc. These exercises are versatile enough to be used in a variety of aqua classes as well.

Class Workshops flow more like a workout with a warm-up, body of work (cardio, strength or combination); and finishes with a final stretch. Each Class workshop has a slightly different format such as: Plyometric HIIT; 

Ballet-cardio & strength; Strength & Stretch, etc.


Land Workshops

Core Training & Obesity                                                                                                         Core Training & Obesity Explore the safety challenges unique to creating core exercise programming for obese populations. By learning what creates risks and which exercises work best and why, you will be able to keep your clients safe and challenged.                                                                                                                   (Strength: Land, 1.5hr lecture/1hr workout)   CEC's: AEA 1.25, AFAA 2.5        

Build a Better Suspension Trainer Workout

Learn how to better prepare the body for movement, access core training safely, be able to handle large classes with only a few suspension trainers. This workshop with increase the caliber of your suspension training skills and review some big do’s and don'ts.

(Strength: Land, 1hr lecture/1hr workout)   CEC's: AFAA 2.0

AFAA Approved 

Continuing Education Provider 

To host a Wet Barre training at your facility, contact:  Katina Brock katina.brock@verizon.net or 818-723-2669