Wet Barre  is a trend-setting fitness format comprised of over 200 unique exercises that can be used to create not only aqua barre classes, but can infuse new life into any aqua format. It is adaptable and has shown great value for advanced participants as well as seniors and even personal training! The focus of Wet Barre™ is always mindful muscle activation and how the movements can improve overall fitness and function. For this reason it has great application for all ages and most levels but definitely leans towards challenging! Wet Barre™ is perfect for even non-choreographed teaching styles as the focus is on movement integrity rather than on "the routine." However, it lends beautifully towards choreography if that is your style, as the exercises are very fluid in nature.

**Please Note - There are Technique workshops and Class workshops!

Technique Workshops introduce Wet Barre™ exercises within a specific category or focus such as: "Mat Pilates," "Planks," "Rotational Movement," etc. Exercises are versatile and can be used in a variety of aquatic 

formats not just an aqua barre class.

Class Workshops introduce various Wet Barre™ formats such as: "HIIT," "Ballet- Cardio/Sculpt," "Railing/Barre Workout," etc. They include a warm-up, workout, and stretch.